February 16, 2019

Saturday School Advanced
We had two new students trying our advanced lesson today. Both had spent time in Germany. It was a really great time to have them with us!

Lesson Outline

1. A couple of games focusing on speaking and getting to know our new friends. This included the "What am I?" game which really gets the kids' creative brains working.

  1. Eiken Split time (H.W. is to continue any questions not completed during the class)
  2. Reading (H.W. continue practicing reading aloud at home)
  3. Homework check and "Things that Fly" (H.W. reread the story and complete the questions on the new handout)
  4. Word search and spelling test on "Breakfast" (H.W. complete the new word search and prepare for the next spelling test on those vocabulary)
  5. Snack time and general conversation (this is usually the kids giving each other advice or debating each other on the game we have selected)

Was an exceptional lesson today. Everyone just had a lot of energy and power to get the tasks done. I can't wait for the next lesson!!!



How are you?の質問にもI'm good. I'm fine.とお返事もバッチリ!!


・Where is a big bus?

先生のヒントを元に隠してあるバスをさがしました。walk 2 steps and turn left.などなど。



・Book Reading





Morning in the Bathroom!!


Circle the brother lion.

What's the brother lion using?


また、Do you have a toothbrush?など一人づつ質問の練習もしています。




中でもみんなのお気に入りは、Put on my pants!!

・ Joy song.

みんなこの歌を聞くとクスクスと笑っています。歌は、頭にも記憶されやすいのでとって大切です。帰る頃には、I have a joy joy joy joy ,up on my head.と歌いながら帰りの準備をしている子もいました。



最後はSee you next week!と元気に挨拶!

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