February 2, 2019

Show me those smiling faces!
Great day today. Here's what we got up to:

Quick game at first.
Eiken Time
Homework check
Worksheet about "Things that Fly"
Run around the park with a little bit of soccer, some swings, tag and the Frisbee
Snack time
Reading comprehension
Word search vocabulary check (from last time)

Everyone really had a great time today (especially me ;) )

Here is a list of the homework
1. Keep practicing as much as you can with reading.
2. Things that Fly worksheet pp 4-5
3. Continue working on the Eiken questions that we didn't finish during the lesson (all words that the students don't understand should be highlighted and their meanings researched by the kids)
4. Reading Comprehension Exercise pg 24.
5. Anyone who didn't finish the word search, should complete it (review the words in the word search vocab list)

Was an awesome day and I can't wait to see everyone again this Saturday!!




りくとみずの周りにあるものを(Land and Water )テキストを使ってチェック!!


チェックした後は、大きなブルーシートを海や山に見立ててI'm going to the mountains. I'm going to the beach.と言って、ボールを上から転がします!!みんなゲームをしながらセンテンスが言えるようになります。

It's a (an)~. They are~.の練習の後は、習った果物や野菜を使って、Do you like apples? Do you like cucumbers?1人づつ先生に質問!先生がYes ,I do. と言ったらその果物をみんながゲット!!先生がいつ、Yes ,I do.と言うのかドキドキしながら質問していました。




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