January 26, 2019

Saturday School Advanced

Another spectacular day outside which we did make use of for a few minutes later on in the lesson to stretch our legs!
Started off with our traditional zombie game.
Next we jumped right in to our Eiken split lesson. Not one person complained and we powered through until almost completing the exercise and the homework. Nice job, everyone!!
Up next was some reading time and I can tell there has been a shift in commitment to making sure practice is being done at home. Keep this up. It is not only for the improvement of each student but also the speed at which everyone can take a turn at reading in class.
Next we looked at a new book about one of my favorite topics...THINGS THAT FLY...Yessssssss :)
We had a little break here to run around a have some snacks then it was into reading comprehension.
We also took a look at some new vocabulary concerning art and culture. There is a word search for the kids to continue at home.
A very nice day with a great bunch of students. I couldn't ask for more. Thanks everyone.


Things that Fly - handout (Please read and attempt the puzzle... absolutely everyone can do this puzzle without help from mum or dad). some words may be unfamiliar to the kids. Please, help them find the meanings. In this case, pictures of the things that fly from the internet will help a lot!

Reading Comprehension - Taking about school supplies. While the activity is easy, there are some words which the kids were unfamiliar with. Please, help them find the meanings they are unsure of.

Reading - As per usual, as much time as the kids can spend reading this material ALOUD! This is super important

Word search - the task itself is easy but again, new vocabulary. Please help your son or daughter find and understand these meanings/

☆2019.1.26☆ Saturday School Junior


Where are you?

I'm here.

I found you!

I want to find them.

I want to hide.



・テキストを見て、みんなで 読む練習や質問に答える練 習!

・What's this?

   It's a (an)~.

   What are these?

   They are ~.

この練習を続けていますが、遊んでいる時に、食べ物のおもちゃをみてIt's a lemon.

と生徒さんの方から言ってくれました。それをみた他の生徒さん達もIt's a~.とたくさん伝えてくれました。


・Show and tell



Black cats.

5 little monkeys.


How many monkeys were jumping on the bed?

Big monkeys or little monkeys?

What foods do monkeys like?



The Very Hungry Caterpillar.






Click the picture below for a slideshow!!