February 23, 2019

Loooooots of enthusiasm, today!

Here's our lesson breakdown

1. Warm up with some good ol' fashioned zombie game (why is this STILL so popular... because it's massively fun)

2. Broke into little groups to continue Eiken study. (HW continue the Eiken handouts set out in class)

3. Book time. Everyone did I great job with there reading. I was particularly impressed with A-san. She has obviously put great effort in at home to improve her performance. (HW practice reading aloud. The idea is to become a natural sounding reader as well as being able to read and pronounce the words correctly).

4. Spelling test based on the vocab from last weeks' word search "Hamburger Helpers". K-san wasn't present last time so she served as our examiner (she was strict, too :) )

5. Word search - students completed most, if not all, words so HW here is to complete anything not finished and prepare for the spelling test we will have in the next lesson.

6. Things that Fly - we ran through the homework from last time and read through the passage  for this week HW activity (HW re-read the passage and complete the activities as well as you can. The focus is not necessarily being correct; effort here is the main point of learning)

7. Park time - burn off some energy and refresh the minds of our bright young learners... what worries me is they are getting faster and faster and soon I won't be able to escape when we play tag :)

A very productive, fun and positive day today. I am thankful we have such great kids to interact with. It shows what amazing parents they have!

Thank you and see you again soon! I can't wait!!




何の動物かわからないと、What's this?と先生に質問したり!Where is this? I find this. I did it.などなどたくさん英語がでてきました。



This is the brother lion.

Where is the baby lion?

What is he eating?

Why is the sister lion crying?

Where is the newspaper?みんな英語の質問にもどんどん答えることができ、見つけたアイテムに◯をつけました。

3才になったばかりの生徒さんも、Brother lion. Sister lion.といいなが◯をつけていました。




・It's a little yellow yo-yo!








今日は、みんながI want to try it.と言っていたので、本を渡してあります。







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