February 9, 2019

Great day! Here's what we got up to in lesson time:

  1. Eiken split - (Homework - complete unfinished questions and review new vocab and any mistakes made)
  2. Reading - Best performing students absolutely spent time at home reading and practicing (Homework - ideally, read aloud at home with or without mum or dad's help. The more times the better).
  3. Things that Fly workbook - (Homework - reread the passage and try to complete the questions on page 7)
  4. Reading comprehension - we checked all homework from the previous week and review the new homework for this week. (Homework - reread the passage and attempt the exercises on page 38)
  5. Word search - (Homework - What's for Breakfast? complete at home)
  6. As per usual on a fine day we tore around the park for a few minutes to release study stress and clear the mind.

All in all a great day and thanks to everyone for putting in a solid effort!! See you next time!


今日のプレイタイムは、ブロックチームとボールを使って遊ぶチームとにわかれてました。遊んでいる間も、先生の質問に答える生徒さん達!!すごいです!Who did it?I I did it. Where is the ball?Here!under the table. などなど!







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