March 16, 2019

Had a couple of faces we haven't seen for a while. Always super excited when that happens. Here is the breakdown to another fun filled day.

1. Warm up with ball tossing, blindfolded, zombie attack

2. Broke into little groups to continue Eiken study. (HW continue the Eiken handouts set out in class)

3. Book time. Some up-and-coming superstars are showing their ability here. (HW practice reading aloud... a lot).

4. Spelling test based on the vocab from last weeks' word search.

5. Word search - students completed most, if not all, words so HW here is to complete anything not finished and prepare for the spelling test we will have in the next lesson.

6. Things that Fly - we ran through the homework from last time and read through the passage  for this week HW activity (HW re-read the passage and complete the activities as well as you can. The focus is not necessarily being correct; effort here is the main point of learning)

7. Park time - burn off some energy and refresh the minds of our bright young learners... practiced some balancing skills and threw the Frisbee around for a short time. Sun was shining and it was great to be outside with everyone:)

Nice to see some of the students who haven't been for a little while. Everyone worked hard and we all got some serious learning done.

Thanks to all and looking forward to another productive upcoming Saturday!! Yay!!



先生が、ゾンビ役になってお友達同士で逃げ回っていました。Hurry up! Come here!


Who are you? とみんなが聞くと先生がI'm your grandmother. すると、みんなは、No-----!!





わかるとI know!!


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