March 9, 2019

We have a pair of new students who used to live in Germany and have continued their school here in Japan at an international school. The great thing is, we now have an even richer pool of student talent that can contribute to our lesson's success. Welcome H and Y!

1. Got the body and mind warmed up with our traditional World War Z game ;)

2. Broke into little groups to continue Eiken study. (HW continue the Eiken handouts set out in class)

3. Book time. It's nice to hear the development of natural English reading style. (HW practice reading aloud... a lot).

4. Spelling test based on the vocab from last weeks' wordsearch and some more challenging words thrown in for fun.

5. Word search - HW is to complete everything unfinished and prepare for the spelling test we will have in the next lesson.

6. Things that Fly - we ran through the homework from last time and read through the passage  for this week HW activity (HW re-read the passage and complete the activities as well as you can. Ideally students will be helped by their parents in learning how to go about solving these questions. This means showing how to use the dictionary to discover the answers they are looking for).

7. Reading comprehension - learning about the Great Apes. (HW: complete the excercises connected with the passage we were studying).

8. Park time - tore around the park in an epic game of tag. Needless to say, a brief snack time afterward was most welcome.

Great to have our new students and super excited to see how the dynamic of our class grows into something even more powerful. It's going to be fun!!



Under the net. Over the net.

Don't touch the net.を勉強してからバレースタート!!




I can sing. Can you?


Sing の部分を他の単語に変えて練習しました。


ボスが、お友達の名前を呼んで、Put one green cushion in the tent.と指示をだします。みんな、ちゃんとボス役ができました。終わったら先生の指示に従って、Take your cups out of the tent.と言われた物だけだしていきます。最後は、Everybody out of the tent!!!

今日もテキストの単語を練習してから、絵を見ながらお話をしたり、Where is the kettle?の質問にHere! The kettle is on the stove!ちょっと長いセンテンスだったけど、よく頑張ったね!


今日は、公園でWhat's the  time Mr. Wolf?をして遊びま



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